Evolution of Client Communications and Reporting

Future-proof your client communications and reporting

A high-level look at the societal factors that have shaped personal interactions and their impact on client communications and reporting.

In the last 25 years, there have been massive shifts in the way we communicate with each other. The introduction of mobile technology and social media has completely changed our business and social interactions. Yet there’s a disconnect between the client expectations and the current communications and reporting provisions made by most investment management organizations.

This report, created in conjunction with Citisoft, firstly explores how communication has evolved and secondly how these shifts have affected the client communications and reporting function within the investment management industry.

When you download this report, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of where the client communications and reporting function is heading and how you prepare for it. Plus, you’ll also get Citisoft’s comprehensive 4-Step Guide to Selecting a New Client Communications and Reporting Platform.

Learn more in this free report, including:Evolution of reporting

  • An overview of how the client communications and reporting function has evolved over 25 years
  • Insights on emerging communications trends that can affect your organization
  • Practical guidance on upgrading your client communications and reporting
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