Selecting a New Vendor

Evolve your client reporting capabilities

A recent survey conducted by SimCorp Coric in association with WBR Insights found that 69% of those surveyed are looking to either upgrade or replace their existing client communication and reporting technology. What should firms look to ask their incumbent or new provider?

Finding the right client communications and reporting solution partner requires a substantial investment in resources, time and money. Making the wrong decision is costly, not only due to misapplied resources, but the opportunity costs of lost mandates.

On the other hand, selecting the right software can present a substantial opportunity to the firm, in terms of minimizing costs and risks, new business growth and the ability to scale a firm’s operation.

With the vendor market shrinking rapidly following a period of M&A activity, and smaller firms lacking the financial security to be assured as long-term partners, how should an investment manager proceed and what should you look for in the procurement process?

Vendor Selection GuideRead the new report to learn:

  • Why buy-side firms are looking at overhauling their existing function?
  • What are the key questions to be ask incumbent or new providers?
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