The SimCorp Coric Platform

Client Reporting, Sales Enablement and Next-Generation Portal

SimCorp Coric Platform Solutions Brochure

Learn more about SimCorp Coric’s Client Communications and Reporting Platform, which features Client Reporting, Sales Enablement and Next-Generation Portal

Client communication and reporting has never been more critical to an investment firm’s overall strategy. It sits at the center of the client experience and is the most tangible output to show what you do, and how you provide value to your end investors.

SimCorp Coric is designed to help firms elevate their client communications offering. Our Core Platform provides access to three modules covering Client Reporting, Sales Enablement and next generation Portal.

Read the brochure to learn:

  • The problems firms face today when communicating with clients and other parties
  • What modules form the SimCorp Coric platform
  • How the SimCorp Coric Platform solves the problems investment management firms face today
SimCorp Coric Client communications brochure
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