Release the full potential of SimCorp Coric through expert training

SimCorp Coric provides a flexible range of introductory, advanced and self-help training courses. Each course is carefully formulated to equip both your business and technical team members with the knowledge and skills required to maximize the value of your solution.

Expand and hone your skill set

As a new user, our courses introduce you to core SimCorp Coric functionality. As an existing user, we can provide refresher or update courses, on request. Within each course, practical workshop-based exercises offer hands-on experience, enabling course participants to build real-world client communications and reports in no time at all.

On completing our courses, participants will be familiar with best-practice methodologies and techniques for effective SimCorp Coric deployment, and will have acquired the ready-to-use skills necessary for achieving outstanding results.

Cascading knowledge and skills throughout your organization

Our educational services fully support the ‘train the trainer’ approach. Extending knowledge and skills throughout your organization, as quickly as possible, allows you to eliminate reliance on external consulting resources and reduce costs.

Build upon Classroom Training with on-demand self-help materials

SimCorp Coric’s self-help training materials are an improved and flexible resource, designed by SimCorp Coric experts to complement classroom training.

Our self-help training materials offer a suite of on-demand guides allowing users of the solution to maintain and improve existing skills, delivering step-by-step walkthroughs of design templates and specific solutions to design challenges users may face.

SimCorp Coric’s self-help training materials are constantly updated in-line with each new product release, ensuring the most up to date are available to users. Each course is broken down by chapters targeting specific areas of the solution, meaning help is always on-hand for the user to get assistance. 

Compliment Self-help materials with a dedicated online training environment

A dedicated training environment, replicating the SimCorp Coric system, is available allowing users to learn and practice in a safe, secure setting. This environment includes tutorial documentation, lessons, and a complete layout training script. This training script provides users with a reference for future use and practice outside of the classroom. Through the utilization of this environment, users can quickly and efficiently learn to operate the system to its full functionality and ensure maximum return on investment.

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