Meeting client expectations in demanding times

With competitive pressures rising and client demands increasing, standing out of the crowd and building customer loyalty has never been more pressing. One of the key ways to achieve this is by providing trusted, transparent and timely information to your clients.

SimCorp Coric was designed by SimCorp’s client reporting domain experts specifically for buy-side organizations. The advanced client communication solution applies best-practice methodologies to your complete client communications management and reporting process. You'll be able to deliver enhanced communication and reporting technologies to your clients that streamline services, reduce costs and maximize operational efficiency. All this while extending your competitive advantage.


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Portal Client Reporting Sales Enablement Coric Platform

End-to-end automation of your client reporting

SimCorp Coric can automate your entire end-to-end client reporting process. The solution enables leading investment management firms to empower their clients to create and view customized valuation reports and other client communications – whenever and however they want.

  • As part of our integrated or standalone offering, SimCorp Coric comes with:
  • An automated platform for report production
  • A self-service, online reporting portal 
  • A compelling business case to help justify an automated client reporting project


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The customized solution to communications

SimCorp Coric’s versatile, customizing configuration tools allows your client service teams to deliver communications that always match requirements. It enables client services to create everything from personalized, marketing-quality client reports to fund fact sheets, client meeting packs, presentations and other client communications – without recourse to IT.

With a proven track record for ensuring the delivery of client reports and other communications quickly, professionally, and cost-effectively, SimCorp’s client communications management solution is the customized solution you need.


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What can SimCorp Coric do for you?

Choosing a trusted client communications and reporting system that will deliver
value and longevity is not an easy task – but the SimCorp Coric benefits are clear:


Recognized by industry experts, trusted by your peers

As an award-winning client communications management solution, SimCorp Coric has a proven track record for delivering outstanding client reports and communication:

SimCorp Coric wins coveted Systems in the City Award for second consecutive year

SimCorp Coric was recognized for its outstanding quality and performance as an automated online client report solution, winning the title of Best Client Reporting Solution at the Systems in the City Awards in 2015 and 2016.

Goodacre Award winner 2015 SimCorp